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About the Show

Final_v18 is a graphic design showcase featuring 25 of Georgia State University's graduating BFA class. I worked on a planning committee of 3 and was tasked with branding the event and designing all assets for it.


Tactics for acquiring capital started with reaching out via email blast to past donors and companies who have a proven record of supporting the arts, which raised over $2,500 in donations as well as goods and services. A GoFundMe campaign was initiated and raised $1,500 due in part to an added incentive of a screen-printed tshirt. Lastly, $100 was raised by selling designs at a print sale.

Clockwise from left: Valentines sold at print sale ($100); GoFundMe t-shirt incentive ($1,480); Graphic from sponsorship email blast ($2,500+)


Word was spread about the show via social media, word-of-mouth, posters, and invitations specially printed and hand-delivered to design firms and VIPs.

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Middle and right: Social media posts designed by Kendall Knudsen.

Website built by Sara Norman.

The Big Show

The turnout was more than predicted: while 221 replied "Going" to the event and 229 marked themselves as "Interested," we estimate well over 500 individuals were in attendance. Crowds started pouring in 15 minutes before the show officially started, cars lined the streets for blocks, and the bar was constantly populated. 

The feedback during and after the event was overwhelmingly positive. 

Photos by John Robertson.