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In her talk “Confessions of a Bad Feminist,” Roxane Gay addresses her failures as a feminist (she loves pink, The Bachelor and gangsta rap.) She discusses what it means to be a feminist in today’s society and how feminists have neglected PoC and economically disadvantaged women historically. Her powerful, moving, and humorous talk ends with her admission: “I am a bad feminist, I am a good woman, I am trying to become better in how I think, and what I say, and what I do, without abandoning everything that makes me human.” She says that, in order to create meaningful change, we must work towards accountability by acknowledging our imperfections and making bigger, better, braver choices.

Before the Talk:

Informative Zine

Guests receive a mailed ticket in the form of a zine. The zine includes a tear-away ticket, teaser information about the speaker, and background for the topic. On the backside of the ticket is a note encouraging attendees to confess and write about a time they were an imperfect feminist, which will be exchanged for the collateral during the event.

During the Talk:

Confession Board

During the event, attendees will be encouraged to exchange their confession for Gay's famed essay and a wearable crown which identifies attendees as feminists (of some kind or another) to promote solidarity. The confession slips will spell out "Be Braver," one of Gay's talk's main takeaways, in a large-scale environmental graphic.

After the Talk:


As the talk comes to a close, guests will find 3 postcards under their seats and will be instructed to mail the postcards to people who have inspired them, hurt them, contributed positively/negatively to society, etc. This is an exercise to challenge the audience and their role models to make the "bigger, braver choices" Gay emphasizes in her TED Talk.